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03 April 2007 @ 03:37 pm
Tosh stuff  
First I have been crap at posting the medical updatey stuff.   Yes, I've gone with Tosh is a doctor, in the UK she'd go to medical school out of high school, and have done her residency after that.  After which, she'd have had the option to do her post grad, skipping her masters and going on to a doctorate.  Fairly common practice there actually, if you're grades are high enough.  I've opted for a doctorate in maths, cause, it makes sense.


I'm likely thinking about this too much.

Also, the weekend after Easter? I'm puncturing Tosh.  She'll find more of her torchwood files on the shelves, only this time, scripts and notes will be there as well.  She'll also find a copy of Greeks Bearing Gifts.  Cause if you're going to puncture your pup, making it as painful as possible seems like a good plan.  She'll watch it, and really, she'll need and want the support of the Torchwood crew, she really well.  I still haven't quite figured out if it's something I want to put upon her lj and play through frist, or to just put up on blank_slate.  That'll likely come to me later.

Anyway, that's the heads up.  I'm logging of this infernal machine now, and I'll see you all next week!