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03 March 2007 @ 02:03 am
The more I think about Tosh's background, the more I begin to think RTD is a retconning bastard who I want to hurt.

Tosh's first appearance?  Aliens of London, as Dr Toshiko Sato, the doctor who investigates the pig.

From torchwood?  You're given a few dates.  Tosh worked in the government think tank for 3-4 years out of uni, and was recruited to torchwood 3 years approx before the start of the show. Born in 76, if you do maths, and think about i, the more I consider it, the more I think Tosh never trained as a doctor after all.  that she is Dr Sato, but I'm thinking much more likely cause she has a PhD, then a medical degree. 

The dates do add up.  A levels at 17, onto Uni.  In the UK, like in Oz, If you get high enough marks in your honours, you skip the masters, and go straight onto PhD work.  So at 21, onto PhD work, maybe 22.  Done 2 years later, 24 latest, and recruited immediately into the think tank.  3-4 years there, about 28 when she's recruited by Jack.  That would make her about the 31 I have her at the start of torchwood.

As to the PhD?  Maths.  With a grandfather who was a codebreaker, and parents in the RAF, it sort of makes sense.  Also it makes sense with her tech guru status.  I'm not saying she didn't take some bio-chem sorts of courses at times, but this?  It sits a lot better with me.

Anyway, thoughts?  feedback?  I hate the idea of retconning anything, but the more i think of it, the more i think RTD (the king of non-continuity)  just liked the actor, and the name, so kept them on, and back worked them in.  Honestly, she could have infiltrated just as well after a few years with torchwood, or perhaps a bio-chem minor in uni. 


Deense, thinking through these things far too much.
04 February 2007 @ 04:57 pm
I should have done this ages ago. For anyone who might not know, Wikipedia has a lovely page on her, bless.

The TARDIS currently looks like this outside, and this inside. The exterior covers about a six foot by six foot area, and is about nine to ten feet tall with the lantern on top. The interior is domed hexagonal and probably a good several hundred square feet in area, and thirty feet high. In Sarah Jane, Romana, and Ace's experience, the console room looked like this. The Doctor remodeled late in his seventh incarnation to something rather Gothic and involving bats, which he eventually scrapped and went to this style after the Time War.

The console room is currently far darker than seen due to the fact that there's really not much power--the walls are gold and the centre console/heart of the TARDIS is just barely glowing that teal green shade. All the floor bits in that screencap that look like glass are actually chain metal and perfectly solid for walking. That is...you won't break anything. To the right in the cap is a ramp that goes up to a door. That door is locked; it would usually be open and lead to the rest of the TARDIS. Not even the Doctor can get it open. The TARDIS also will not start, though in time, Jack and the Doctor will manage to fix her enough to get the lights up to decent capacity. She is alive and post-sentient, but she's not going to be communicating with anyone, including the Doctor, anytime soon, due to there being no psychic powers on the island.

The TARDIS' interior is, like the interior of Serenity, not public space; this is the Doctor's item and very, very dear to him and many of the other Who characters and loved ones. Please keep things clean, etc. You can see inside from the outside if the door is open, so if you have any public threads going on inside the TARDIS, please remember that. Otherwise it'll just be a blue wood box in a clearing nearby the treehouse and the Redmans' place.

Currently, the following people definitively possess TARDIS keys, to my knowledge. (If Romana and/or Sarah Jane do, that's completely fine.) The Doctor always, always locks the door, so if you want to get in, find one of the following:
-the Doctor
-Rob Chase
-Jack Harkness

And I think that's it. Feel free to post with comments or questions.
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17 January 2007 @ 08:23 am
ATTN: Treehouse Dwellers and Those Who Might Have Reason To Be There

In case you missed it, the Doctor and Jack broke up rather permanently yesterday (see captainjack). And while the former doesn't want to leave the house, he is Very Very Loud. Yes, I realise this is similar to his state of mind a week and a half ago, all over again. However, this time Chase and Atalanta got the full force breakdown, so your pup should be safe from getting snot on his/her shirt.

I realise that people might not be interested in threading with Mope all over again, hence my not making a post unless I receive notice that someone's interested. It'd be in the pup journal and not until after workcakes (5 PM CST), anyhow. And there will not be Shakespearian quotes in the title line unless you want them. And puppy is optional.

...the show needs to be called Doctor Emo, I think.
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13 January 2007 @ 10:01 pm
Just an FYI: The night of the 10th, Gwen gathered up her few belongings and left the treehouse. She's staying in the honeymoon hut that Stu and Jane gave the TW pups, which is currently being expanded but probably won't be finished for another week or more.
03 January 2007 @ 01:51 am
So, the roster has this weird thing it does sometimes, where the top person's link will also be the link for the person below them.

Ianto is trying to assimilate everyone in the DW category. I knew there was something strange about that boy.

If you could, please delete your entry and then re-add it. That should fix it. Thanks.
02 January 2007 @ 11:14 am
Sooooo, now that I have done my share of flailing over the TW finale, I'm primed to start planning Gwen's canon puncture. As of right now, Gwen's not even aware of being fictional and is still laboring under the belief that Jack knows about her from reading her dossier. Ianto's been punctured, but if memory serves, Jack's specifically asked him to not tell Gwen. If at all possible, I'd rather she walk into this blind, so please no puncturing ahead of time.

For Gwen's puncture, I'm wanting her to find film for the whole series and to watch the whoooole thing, start to finish. Her innate curiosity will prevent her from turning it off. I'd really like for her to start watching alone, and be joined by others as the season progresses. Kat's said she wants Ianto brought in by at least Cyberwoman, and Shan wants Jack to see the finale. Suffice it to say that Gwen will be VERY upset by the finale. So, anyone who can help calm her down would be wonderful. Be warned, she will be screaming and crying like a lunatic.

I'd like to wait until after the snow's gone, so that she actually appreciates her gift for a day or two before getting depressed. So, maybe around the 10th (next Wednesday), or the 12th at the latest. I'll be making this a private post, because I'd really like for it to be linear, if at all possible. So, if you would like to be involved, just let me know here or in IM and we'll work out the details.

03 December 2006 @ 06:30 am
Hullo! I have been sadly amiss with my wee little firestarter, and am working on tidying that all up with a bow and such.

So! What exactly is the rough layout of the treehouse? How many rooms, how close, who's staying in it? Mostly because I've heard a lot of maybes and 'I think's, and I'm trying to figure out semi-specifics. How are we handling move in, if we do move in? Depending entirely on who the residents are, I have no idea if Ace will still be all for the moving in-ness. (i.e. if they're all paired up, she'd rather not be the sore thumb).

She's always dealt pretty badly with other people's interpersonal complications, and the DW crew seem to be a very, very complicated bunch, so I don't know how things will work out. (The interpersonal relationships (not pairings!) of the DW crew look a bit like spagetti, at this point. XD). She's not a huge fan of big groups of people, either, so e_e.

I'd love to do a discussion bit in game, but we should probably figure it out first here, if people like! :D Aim is, as always, Lightest Dawn and Squot. ♥
22 November 2006 @ 09:04 am
Righto, so how's this party dinner thing going to work? Easy peasy...erm...yeah.
We gather together...etc. No singing.Collapse )
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07 October 2006 @ 06:14 am
For the 'posse of miscreants', that is. I need to icon that.

As of 6 October, work on the treehouse has begun (thread in ST). I'm assuming Romana got the plans back to the Doctor before she left on her adventures, or if not, they at least discussed it off-screen. As it stands, the Doctor won't go much further beyond foundational work without her input, namely because he's afraid she'll rip out his oesophagus if she isn't consulted.

Er...I mean, he respects her opinion.

Anyway, since work's begun, people are welcome to go there and ostenibly 'help'. The plan is to get at least the two main rooms done before the Doctor's birthday American Thanksgiving party I intend to throw there on the 22nd of November. Anyone who wants to get in on that plan should let me know. There will be roasted tropical bird, and mash, and corn, and probably pies, and wine if someone can be suckered into giving it up. And definitely bananas.

Here, have a pretty new icon, ripe for licking.
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